Pivot Arts Podcast

Staying Creative in Quarantine

Episode Summary

Neo-Futurist Theater members, Ida Cuttler and Jorge Silva, chat about staying creative during the pandemic. We'll hear excerpts from their popular show and close out with music by Jovan Landry.

Episode Notes

The Neo-Futurists are a popular theater collective best known for their long-running show, The Infinite Wrench, that includes 30 plays in 60 minutes. According to the Chicago Tribune: “The Neo-Futurists have created the most successful online show of the pandemic.”  We'll hear from company members, Jorge Silva and Ida Cuttler, about their creative process and listen to short plays including "Eden" written by ensemble members Trevor Dawkins and KR Riiber, plus “Ongoing Covidspondence,” conceived by ensemble member Neil Bhandari as a series of monologues in the form of letters, written and performed by Ida Cuttler. This episode closes out with featured music artist, Jovan Landry.

To learn more about Pivot Arts go to pivotarts.org or follow us @PivotArts. This episode was sponsored by FLATS, a Chicago-based apartment community, and created in partnership with Audacious Machine Creative, with editing by Jeffrey Nils Gardner and original music composed by Andrew Hansen. Graphic design by Vin Reed. Your host and producer for Pivot Arts is Julieanne Ehre.